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Gain Value Management Rewards

Benefits of Value Management

The two most critical factors are management commitment and a competent value practitioner. The European Value Management standard describes strategic and planning frameworks to realise the benefits. A competent value practitioner can support their application at a strategic, programme or operational level can to achieve organisational needs, making the best uses of internal capabilities both in teams and individually.

Within a normal value creation process VM will generally address…

  • Defining problem context
  • Developing and structuring objectives with multiple stakeholders
  • Establishing targets, trade-offs and SMART objectives
  • Establishing a value proposition
  • Creating a value based measurement framework
  • Developing briefs and specifications
  • Designing, developing and reviewing options
  • Concept, detail design and stage gate reviews
  • Assessing outputs and outcomes
  • Individual and organisational learning

Benefits of The Institute of Value Management

VM can be applied incrementally, delivering returns on investment of between 20 -40 times the cost, plus significant soft benefits with low risk.

VM generally delivers…

  • Value improvements in excess of 20%; including savings between 10 – 25%
  • Tangible returns on investment between 20 and 40 times the resource commitment are not untypical
  • Significant benefits in terms of improved working relationships and organisational learning.


  • Recognisably better decisions based on relevant and balanced information
  • Improved performance of products and services that better reflect stakeholder needs
  • Increased efficiency through team based activity with a common focus
  • Enhanced competitiveness by facilitating and realising latent creativity
  • A common value culture, with shared understanding of the organisations goals and associated success factors
  • Organisational learning, and improved capability to embed change.
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