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Train the Trainer Course in VM

train the trainer courses

Train the Trainer Course

Value for Europe sets out the framework for training and certification of Professionals in Value Management. All persons who wish to apply for the qualification ‘Trainer in Value Management’ are required to attend and pass the train the trainer programme.

Course Outline

This course is intended to fulfil the requirements of the Value for Europe Train the Trainer Programme. The course will enable candidates to train value management skills and develop value management practitioners in line with the Value for Europe syllabus. The course combines personal study, workplace practice, and classroom learning covering theory and practice, assessment, and development of training skills. This course will enable established value management professionals and trainers to develop skills and learn ways of training people to

  • Design the value management programme
  • Prioritise value management effort
  • Lead value management studies
  • Develop value management resources

The course will examine the fundamental requirements for effective value management, identify the training skills required to develop value managers, and create an opportunity for candidates to develop those training skills.

Candidates will be expected to create outline training plans to develop Value Management resources in the workplace. Candidates will review the Value for Europe syllabus and create outline plans for Value Management training at three levels

  • VM1 : Principles and Practices of Value Management Course - trainer disseminates the tools
  • VM2 : Value Study/Facilitator Skills Course1 - trainer develops workshop/study leaders
  • VM3 : Design of Operational and Strategic Value Management Activities Course - trainer develops programme leaders / study designers

Candidates will also be expected to learn skills to be able to develop value management resources across an organisation or to create public training which interested organisations can join.

The course involves significant preparation, attendance at a three day workshop to develop training skills, completion of training plans, and preparation of a demonstration training module which will be subject to 360 degree review on an assessment day.

Applying to joining the course involves making a commitment to follow though each of these elements.

For further information contact the Certification Board Chair –

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