IRM Scotland Regional Seminar and Value Management


22, January 2021


09.30 to 11.00 GMT


Virtual Event

This event was postponed in June due to Coronavirus and has been re-scheduled for 22nd January 2021, register through the Institute of Risk Management (IOR) link below:

Collaborative event with the IVM and IOR

Join the Scottish Regional Interest Group in our first event of the year where the Chairs from both the Institute of Value Management and the Institute of Operational Risk will discuss the activities and objectives of their institutions, as well as synergies with risk management. Both speakers will also spend time talking through their risk experience and sharing insight.


Julie Warriner will talk about:

– The key aims of the Institute of Value Management, its core principles and its training and certification in line with value for Europe.

– Share her experience of delivering value management in the rail industry with particular focus on investment projects in the Scotland North East Region.

– How risk and value management are aligned to add maximum benefit to project delivery.

Bill Stirling will talk about:

– IOR Scotland, members and wider community

– How we plan to engage with members in 2021

– Certificate in Operational Risk Management

– Hot topics in Operational Risk