TRIZ for VUCA world – 17th & 18th Nov 2022 (11:30-14:30 Greenwich Meantime)


17 - 18, November 2022


Live Online

Overview of the Live Online Conference:

This conference takes place in a typical VUCA environment.
V : Volatility
U : Uncertainty
C : Complexity
A : Ambiguity

Businesses having just faced the brunt of the COVID19 pandemic, are feeling the ill effects of geopolitical conflicts, high inflation and supply chain disruption.

About TRIZ for X (TFX)

TRIZ for X, in its 10th year, has become the one-of-its kind conference bringing all professionals needing to master innovation under one umbrella. TRIZ offers time tested, validated tools for identifying and executing changes to reposition offerings. TRIZ for X 2022 would bring to you in your study room, the masters in this field on their thoughts on what and how to build new offerings to meet the new challenges faced in the business environment.

TFX 2022 conference would have TRIZ masters operating in varied markets talking on how to apply modern TRIZ in today’s VUCA environment. The topics would cover two broad themes namely:

1. WHAT are the challenges which need to be addressed to enhance value proposition of the organization

2. HOW to apply time tested TRIZ tools to build their product portfolio.

There would be sessions, to get deep insight into select topics of importance to current times. The sessions would be held in an online format with contents being available on the net. The topics would be covered over multiple sessions spread over 2 days.

Highlights :
  • World renowned TRIZ masters would engage you on the best practices to tackle the new challenges.
  • Deep learning with TRIZ masters through tutorials on hot TRIZ topics.
  • Convenient learning from comfort of your home/office.
  • High value at affordable cost.
  • Get your problems doubts cleared by experts.
Why to attend:

All stakeholders of product development feel the need to make sense of the new reset taking place in the marketplace. This calls for organisation and individuals to develop new processes and skills. TRIZ toolbox promises to understand and resolve issues to the satisfy contradictions. Organisational processes and individual responses need to be relooked. This conference would help individuals and organisations train their sights on what aspects and how to achieve this need to develop winning products.

Benefits & Learning:

TRIZ approach have found applications in many domains, business functions & processes. Those attending TRIZ for 2022 are bound to benefit be they product developers, supply chain specialists, marketing professionals or those concerned with cost cutting exercise.


The official language of the event for speakers are English.