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IVM Fellowship Benefits

Recognition of your achievements provides you with competitive advantage. Your clients, colleagues and third parties look to you to advocate professionalism through your actions and more.

A select number of members will be awarded fellowship status. In addition to demonstrating significant career achievements and successes, fellowship demonstrates a passion for developing industry, developing value management, sharing knowledge and supporting others to reach their goals.

FIVM status provides evidence that you are committed to the following principles. These are expected of all Fellows.

Demonstrate intent to further the profession

Professional standards have never been more important. Clients worldwide are demanding greater certainty and seeking professionals who work to the highest standards. By sharing your knowledge, developing practices, advancing technology and shaping the profession Fellows actively engage the industry and create demand for professionals.

Act for the benefit of a Third Party

The development of the profession for the public advantage is strongly at the core of the IVM’s objectives. With careers demonstrating success and authority Fellows not only support their clients and their employers but also colleagues, graduates, students and trainees, and the wider society and countries they interact with both professionally and personally.

Promote the Profession

The IVM seeks to influence Her Majesty’s Government (HMG), Universities and other learning environments, International organisations and key Stakeholder organisations around the world with the aim of developing and embedding a Standards and creating a sustainable Value Management culture and practice internationally.

The IVM’s goal is to be recognised in the UK and International markets as the leading body that develops and enforces professional Value Management Standards and offers access to a recognised professional status. Fellows support this activity by influencing HMG, Universities and other learning environments and key Stakeholder organisations and encouraging all relevant professionals to pursue IVM membership.

5 Fellowship Benefits:

  • 1. Have your achievements recognised

    Show your commitment to the profession and how you have contributed to its status.

  • 2. Promote your expertise

    Identify yourself as an authority.

  • 3. Strengthen your reputation

    Benefit from the reputation of Fellows and access to IVM professionals with similar achievements.

  • 4. Provide best practice example

    Inspire other professionals in your firm, region or country.

  • 5. Get involved in IVM activities

    Lead and contribute knowledge and opinion that will grow and advance the profession.

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