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IVM Value for Europe

Value for europe

This is scheme was introduced to improve European competitiveness by establishing standards of performance and creating appropriate training programmes, so that competence in the application of VM methodologies was increased.

Certification Levels

Certification Levels

In the UK there are three levels of recognised certification, based on experience and knowledge.

The Certification Levels are…

  • Certificated Value Analyst (CVA) – this is a UK qualification only.
  • Professional in Value Management (PVM) – this is a European qualification
  • This qualification signals competence to lead value studies in a variety of environments and contribute to the development of value strategies
  • Trainer in Value Management (TVM) — this is a European qualification. This qualification is only available to PVM’s with at least two years experience of applying VM after the award of a PVM and completion of the Train the Trainer course.

Note the IVM Bylaws states the following;

The abbreviations MIVM and FIVM should not be used after a member’s name as they are not supported by a qualification.

Training and Certification Process

There are three stages to the VM training namely Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. The foundation course can be completed by either a 3-day Face to Face course or by an e-Learning course followed by a 1-day Face to Face session. The Advanced courses are both 3-day Face to Face sessions.

PVM for mature candidates.

Candidates with considerable experience in leading VM studies should approach the Certification Board for guidance in making an application. It is expected that candidates with less than ten years experience of VM would have difficulty in being successful via this route to a PVM.

Further information and guidance on training and qualifications can be obtained from

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