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IVM Regulator

Part of our role is to operate the European system for the training and certification of value practitioners and trainers in the UK.

This is done through an arm’s length certification board that reports to a European governing board. The system was set up over a decade ago due to a major initiative established by the Council of Ministers aimed at improving European competitiveness.

The European system provides for a modular training system that leads to Professional in Value Management (PVM) status for those with appropriate experience. The system provides for the training of trainers and the approval of their courses.

We also contribute to the development of BS EN standards in the value field. Thus we have worked closely with the BSI and CEN on the two main value management standards – BS EN1325: 1997 and BS EN 12973: 2000 – the latter is now under review. The standards have significance where it is intended to require value methods through a contract where the EU directives apply.

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