Posted on July 7, 2023 by Keith

QVA Application Process

In keeping with the UK Certification Board’s (CB) role to promote Excellence in Value Management and the Value for Europe Training and Certification System. The CB took the decision on Monday 15th May 2023 that the established application fee of £150 for the ‘QVA Application’ process is now payable in advance of a QVA application and before a candidate is invited by the CB to sit the QVA exam. If you wish to undertake the QVA application process through to qualification then:

Firstly, to sit the QVA examination use CB107-PD (Personal Declaration) Form; and

Secondly, use CB107 (QVA Qualification Application Form)

Both under the download tab of this website. Please liaise with your Trainer in respect of the QVA application process. If you have any queries then contact [email protected] in this first instance.