Training Standards

As a learned organisation, the IVM endeavours to ensure its body of knowledge and that of its members expands.

The Certification Board of the IVM is approved by the Value for Europe (V4E) Board as the National Certification Organisation for the UK. It is responsible for ensuring training and certification standards are high and that they are in line with the European Training and Certification System.

The IVM also aims to provide links to other professional and standards bodies and collaborate with related institutions in the UK and abroad.

Certification Board Roles

The Certification Board (CB) of the IVM abides by the rules of the V4E Board to administer the current version of V4E European Training and Certification (ETCS). The IVM CB is responsible for the certification process for assessing competence and awarding qualifications to those with demonstrated competence in Value Management. It also accredits training courses which comply with the ETCS V4E to be run by qualified Trainers in Value Management.

Members of the IVM CB are nominated to sit on the V4E Board and work on the development of the ETCS, marketing of V4E and European Norms in Value Management – BS EN12973 – Value Management Standard, BS EN1325 – Value Management Vocabulary. Terms and definitions, BS EN16271 – Functional Performance Specification and the development of new Value Management related Standards.

Specifically, the Certification Board performs the following functions:


  • Advise the IVM Executive on qualifications and standards


  • Determine qualification procedures


  • Apply procedures and determine suitability of candidates


  • Award Qualifications and review as required


  • Accredit courses in Value Management which meet the requirements of ETCS


  • Represent the IVM at the V4E Board and international meetings related to training and certification
CB Members:

David Bainbridge

Financial Controller and UK representative on the V4E Board
Keith Owen

Other Members:
Manjit Bains

Michael Graham

Mike Jefferyes

Matthew Locke

Laura Robertson

Value Management Courses

All Value Management Training Courses which are face-to-face have been postponed until further notice due to Covid-19. We will advise when they are available as soon as possible. The Certification Board is working closely with Trainers to enable their courses to be approved for delivery on-line. Watch this space…