Qualification levels

The Value for Europe (V4E), Value Management European Training and Certification System (ETCS), was introduced to improve European competitiveness and innovation by establishing standards of performance and competence in addition to creating appropriate training programmes in the application of the Value Management concept and Value Management methodologies as set out in BS EN 12973:2020 and its related Standards.

The qualifications awarded are throughout the UK and the European Union in addition to enjoying international recognition worldwide. The levels of qualification, held solely by individuals, are:

  • Qualified Value Associate (QVA) signals someone who has a good understanding of the principles and basic tools of Value Management. The individual is able to apply them within their own day to day work and contribute effectively as a member of a value study team. They will have the ability to:
    • Explain the principles of and promote Value Management;
    • Apply specified Value Management tools independently;
    • Contribute to the performance of a value study team.

    The qualification does not imply any competence to design or lead a value study.
    Download QVA Application Form CB107

  • Professional in Value Management (PVM) signals a competence to lead value studies in a variety of environments and contribute to the development of value management strategies. They will have the ability to:
    • Determine stakeholder needs and their organisation and cultural context;
    • Design studies and assist in Value Management program design;
    • Demonstrate promotional skills in a single business context through the application of negotiation, and persuasion;
    • Work with teams outside a workshop environment;
    • Work with teams in a conventional or virtual workshop;
    • Apply Value Management or elements of Value Management independently;
    • Report and present results, and promote Value Management;
    • Implement and/or support teams to implement results; and
    • Ensure that Value Management learning and development is embedded in an organization

    Download PVM Application Form – CB108

  • Trainer in Value Management (TVM) will have the ability to deliver training in value management through:
    • Translating Value Management knowledge into a learning environment;
    • Assessing training needs;
    • Designing learning experiences/training courses;
    • Developing learning material using a range of learning methods;
    • Delivering training material which complies with V4E European Training and Certification System;
    • Assessing performance and provide feedback; and
      Mentoring learners.
European Training & Certification System
Mature Route to qualification (Route expires 31st December 2021)

A person who has extensive experience and knowledge of Value Management in various sectors of the economy or has an existing qualification in Value Management, Value Engineering, or Value Analysis can apply to the Certification Board, to be considered for award of a qualification based on evidence of their knowledge and experience.

This would be a special exception to the normal route, anyone wishing to be considered via this route must make contact with the Chairman of the Certification Board. This special exception “Mature” route expires on the 31st December 2021.

Reciprocity Route

The V4E Board has agreed a reciprocity agreement with SAVE International to enable a person who has a Certified Value Specialist (CVS) qualification to be awarded a Professional in Value Management (PVM) qualification and vice versa. It is recommended that candidates wishing to apply using this route should submit their application to the Chair of the Certification Board. A CVS will require additional knowledge of the application of Value Management at more strategic levels usually by attending a VM3 course under the European Training and Certification System.

In the same way, a PVM can apply to SAVE International for the CVS qualification, but it should be noted that they will need to present specific experience of using the SAVE International Value Methodology.

Download Professional in Value Management (PVM) CVS to PVM Reciprocity Route – CB110
Download Professional in Value Management (PVM) to CVS – CB111

What help is available to candidates?

In addition to published written information and a helpline, the IVM offers a list of “mentors” who have agreed to guide candidates through the certification process and their professional development.

Application forms for qualifications are in the downloads section of the website.

More information of the European Training and Certification System and the Value for Europe Board can be found at valueforeurope.com.