Posted on December 9, 2020 by Lindsey Bowman

Value Management – Benefits in Action – Case Studies

The search for better value becomes ever more critical as new investment is made to drive the World’s economic recovery. This is crucial given the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, and challenges specific to countries subject to Brexit plus Government’s commitment to meet climate targets.

For example, ‘Lessons Learned from Major Programmes’  (National Audit Office, 20 November, 2020) confirms that the UK has a poor track record in project definition and delivery leading to delays and overspend.

The following case studies were all led by qualified Professionals in Value Management (PVMs) trained under the Value For Europe Training System where best practice Value Management (BS EN 12973:2020) was systematically applied and delivered major tangible benefits.

A key message from these case studies is that the 8 construction / infrastructure projects:

  • Achieved total cost savings of £546m (19%) on £2.9bn of construction budget.

Please note these savings (plus many non financial benefits – e.g. social & environmental) were achieved without compromising the Client’s requirements or the quality of the projects.

The professional application of best practice Value Management by experienced value qualified professionals can transform projects from ordinary and overspent into optimal and one exceeding expectations.

Value Management – Benefits in Action – Case Studies