Posted on July 5, 2024 by mark law

Why become a Certified Trainer in Value Management (TVM)? What’s in it for You?

  • The effectiveness of a Trainer in Value Management (TVM) lies in their ability to combine expertise, practical experience, and excellent training methodologies to develop Best Practice Value Management (BP-VM)* competency in learners.
  • A TVM possesses a deep understanding of Value Management principles, techniques, and best practices. This allows the TVM to efficiently teach learners / others how to effectively identify, manage and maximise value in various projects and processes.
  • A TVM has the skills to develop the content for high impact VM1 / VM2 / VM3 courses under the Value for Europe Training and Certification System (V4E TCS) and deliver public and in-house face-to-face, live on-line or blended courses.
  • Securing the TVM qualification takes Professionals in Value Management (PVMs) to the top of their game and enables the value practitioner to consolidate the knowledge / competence required to be a highly effective PVM operating across different sectors and industries.
  • A TVM can foster a broad culture of value-centric thinking and continuous improvement within organisations.

Please contact Keith ([email protected]) if you wish to discuss any TVM applications or any other aspect of the work that the CB does.

* The IVM Certification Board describes BP-VM as world class Value Management practice applied by experienced Professionals in Value Management (PVMs) fluent in a Function Thinking Mindset / Function Based Value Management Approach in accordance with i.e. BS EN Standards i.e. BS EN 12973:2020 and qualified under the V4E TCS.