Posted on July 5, 2024 by mark law

Why Become a Certified Professional in Value Management (PVM) – What’s in it for You?

Why Become a Professional in Value Management (PVM)?

  • Securing the Professional in Value Management (PVM) qualification enhances your technical skills by acquiring the ability to become fluent in optimising value / benefits for all stakeholders via a Function Thinking Mindset / Function Based Value Management Approach.
  • Investing in one’s personal skills set and becoming an experienced PVM Practitioner is a major opportunity to maximise lifetime earnings.
  • Directly upgrades your technical skills with valuable strategic, managerial and executive skills.
  • Creates new opportunities for career advancement and or transition into highly paid consulting work.
  • Future proofs your career by making it more resilient, i.e. you will be driving change and are less likely to be disrupted by it.
  • Provides a competitive career edge during difficult times when the organisation may be downsizing.

How do you know when you’ve got there as a PVM…?

  • Rapid understanding of the business context achieving outstanding results from Value Management (VM) Approaches including VM Studies.
  • Rapid identification of limiting client thinking, such as premature solutioneering & limited early options.
  • Fast / fluent Function and Cost (resources) Analysis from multiple stakeholder perspectives.
  • The design and facilitation of highly creative workshops generating lots of potential value improvement ideas.

How does the Organisation know when it has got there…?

  • PVMs actively take the initiative to design and lead the process of optimising value in the workplace.
  • They automatically operate at Master Practitioner Level.
  • The organisation invests in the professional skills of their people.
  • Each VM Study the organisation conducts delivers on average ROIs of 10:1 to 100:1+.
  • This can only be achieved if senior leaders require Best Practice Value Management (BP-VM)* to be delivered by Suitably Qualified Experienced Persons (SQEP), i.e. PVMs.

Please contact Keith ([email protected]) if you wish to discuss any PVM applications or any other aspect of the work that the CB does.

* The IVM Certification Board describes BP-VM as world class Value Management practice applied by experienced Professionals in Value Management (PVMs) fluent in a Function Thinking Mindset / Function Based Value Management Approach in accordance with BS EN Standards i.e. BS EN 12973:2020 and qualified under the V4E TCS.