Posted on July 5, 2024 by mark law

Why Become a Certified Qualified Value Associate (QVA) – What’s in it for You?

  • Securing the Qualified Value Associate (QVA) qualification enhances your technical skills by acquiring the ability to start to optimise value / benefits for all stakeholders via a Function Thinking Mindset / Function Based Value Management Approach.
  • A QVA gains the experience of participating in value studies led by an experienced Professional in Value Management (PVM).
  • A QVA represents the first steps on the Value for Europe Value Management Training and Certification System (V4E TCS) journey to become a PVM which develops:
    • A continuous improvement and value optimisation mindset. This encourages a proactive approach to identify opportunities for enhancing value throughout the lifecycle of a project, product or process.
    • Problem solving abilities and analytical skills, so that the QVA value practitioner knows how to approach and resolve value-related challenges creatively and efficiently.
    • QVAs are trained in a structured approach to Best Practice Value Management (BP-VM)* from the start to apply Value Management principles required to optimise value for all identified stakeholders, helping to ensure that value studies are systematic and thorough. QVAs can assist in identifying and evaluating all potential opportunities for value improvement.

Please contact Keith ([email protected]) if you wish to discuss any QVA applications or any other aspect of the work that the CB does.

* The IVM Certification Board describes BP-VM as world class Value Management practice applied by experienced Professionals in Value Management (PVMs) fluent in a Function Thinking Mindset / Function Based Value Management Approach in accordance with BS EN Standards i.e. BS EN 12973:2020 and qualified under the V4E TCS.