Annual General Meeting of the IVM - Important please read

Continuing Professional Development

The IVM is pleased to inform its members of its approach to life long learning. We recognise that it is an important development need for our members.

CPD can be logged by using our CPD Log available on our website. Members will be able to track their progress and this will also help individuals who may wish to apply for any formal qualifications (QVA, PVM, TVM) as the CPD log can be submitted with your application.

7 Ways you may have earned CPD without realising it

  • Contributing to market surveys or student questionnaires (informal)
  • Delivering a presentation on a relevant technical subject where research and preparation is required (formal CPD)
  • Listening to podcasts or watching general video content related to your field (informal CPD)
  • Teaching or training staff or colleagues, where clear objectives and/or learning outcomes are set (formal CPD)
  • Training to become QVA, PVM,TVM or attend any of our accredited training (formal CPD)
  • Any course or seminar where knowledge was advanced, whether organised by IVM or not (formal CPD)
  • Reading the Value Magazine (informal CPD)

Download the PDF here.

Download your CPD Log here

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